Wooden H-beam "H-20 beams”


Technical specifications of construction beam "H20 beams"

  • GOST 34329-2017; GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015)
  • European standard EN 13377-2002;
  • length — 1500-6000 mm;
  • beam height — 200 mm;
  • beam flange width — 80 mm;
  • beam flange thickness — 40 mm;
  • сhipboard thickness — 24 mm;
  • сhipboard flange width — 120 mm;
  • сhipboard tooth cutting into beam body, depth — 12 mm;
  • weight of construction beam — 5.3 kg/running meter;
  • bending resistance — The characteristic ultimate bending resistance 11.81kNm
  • resistance — The characteristic ultimate bearing resistance 50.76 kN.


  • Plywood Details
  • Glue Details
  • Bar Details
  • Impregnation compound Details
  • End cap


Our company carries out a full production cycle on modern equipment, using the highest quality materials that meet all the requirements of the European standard EN13377:2002.This ensures consistently high quality of the final product. The main load-bearing function of an H-beam is performed by flange made of bar. Our company produces a complete production cycle for this bar, which includes sawing the log, drying, calibration and planing the finished product.So we control the process at all stages and can be responsible for the quality of the finished product.



We produce H-beams "H20 beams” in Karelia!

The full production cycle consists of:

Log sawing

We saw logs on the log sawing machines "Sherwood 668s", "Sherwood 692s".

These machines work with small-sized logs and cut a log with the 2 exlog method in one pass.

We saw thin-section lumber from conifers (spruce, pine) growing in the North of the Republic of Karelia.

This lumber has higher density parameters than the lumber of the middle belt of Russia. Due to the higher quality of the raw material our products have better strength characteristics.

Bar drying

Our company has 5 drying chambers with a total volume of 600 m3.

For production of H20 beams raw material dried to the moisture content of 12% is required. This is not an easy task and that is why you can find beams with bar dried to transportation moisture content (16-18%) on the market.

We do not compromise on this and prepare the bar in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 13377-2002.

Plywood division

In our production we use birch plywood of 24 mm thickness from the leading manufacturers of Russia..

For cutting of plywood sheets 1525*1525 we use multi-saw machine for cutting of slab materials MSP-1500 (Russia).

Planing a bar and plywood

When planing the bar, we use a 9-spindle machine LeaderMac 923 (Taiwan).

When planing plywood, we use a 6-spindle machine LeaderMac 623 (Taiwan).

This equipment has high productivity and allows you to get products with perfect geometry.

Beam assembly

Eight machines are used to assemble the beam.

The assembly of the beam begins with the gluing of the polyurethane adhesive. Then, a press presses the bars with plywood inserted at 6 atmospheres.

The next step is to end the finished beam to the exact size.The ends are milled for subsequent installation of end plastic "caps".

Next, the assembled beam goes into a paint machine.Then, the contactless printer applies the logo and markings.And at the end of the whole process, the plastic caps are installed.

Мы готовы предложить Вам H20 Beams по следующим условиям!

Наименование Единица измерения Цена с НДС
H20 beams Погонный метр 750 рублей
H20 beams Погонный метр 7,20 EUR

Предоплата: 100%

Срок изготовления: не более 2-х недель с момента оплаты заявки

Условия поставки:

  • • FCA г.Петрозаводск(со склада производителя)
  • • По запросу, готовы рассчитать логистику до требуемого места.

По вопросам сотрудничества обращаться:

  • • Руководитель отдела сбыта ООО «Лес ПТЗ»
  • • Денис Илгунов
  • • Телефон: +79814042904