Technical specifications

  • species: spruce, pine
  • Place of origin: Republic of Karelia
  • blank grade: GOST 26002, grade 1-3
  • Thin-section sawn lumber: 12-16 cm
  • moisture content: 12% (+/-2)
  • width: 80 mm
  • thickness: 40 mm
  • length: 1,9-6,0 M
  • Joining along the length: no more than 2 connections
  • weigth: pine 520 kg/m3, spruce 450 kg/m3
  • Complies with standard: EN 14081-1


We saw thin-section lumber from conifers (spruce, pine) growing in the North of the Republic of Karelia.This lumber has higher density parameters than the lumber of the middle belt of Russia. Due to the higher quality of the raw material our products have better strength characteristics.